Never thought I’d end up in Glamour Magazine…

… especially not as an out gay lady. In fact, if you’d told me that I’d end up in Glamour Magazine, I’d wonder what you’d been smoking. But here it is – you’ll recognize the black and white photo of my four-year-old self that I use for this blog. No airbrushing or Photoshopping were applied to this:

Seriously – it’s kinda surreal. Nice. But surreal.

Thanks to Born This Way blog/Born This Way book blogger/creator Paul Vitagliano for sending me the link!

Check out Born This Way blog here:

And check out this awesome mix that Paul (who is a DJ) made to celebrate the book launch – DJ Paul V. “Out ‘N Proud Megamix” to stream or download:

And here’s the equally awesome Born This Way book promo vid:

Off to see Sarah Polley’s doc Stories We Tell this afternoon – back with more on that tomorrow.

Author: life with more cowbell

Arts/culture social bloggerfly & Elwood P. Dowd disciple. Likes playing with words. A lot. Toronto

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