Girl power rawkin out @ Supertash “Before The World Ends” CD launch

What would you do if the world was gonna end on December 21, 2012? Rawk out, of course! Maybe some other things too, but this is a PG kinda blog, so I’ll leave that up to all y’all.

The countdown for Supertash’s Before The World Ends CD launch ended last night at the Gladstone Hotel, with some incredible talent taking to the stage for a super big fun, girl-power packed evening. Also on feature: jewelery made by Tash and Meghan’s awesome delicious cupcakes, as well as some very tasty catered nosh.

Throughout the evening, host Kat Leonard, accompanied by Arlene Paculan, treated us to some tunes of their own: a slowed down ballad version of Kat’s song “Jockstrap” (from Kat’s one-woman fangirl opus to Johnny Depp, A Depper Kind of Love), Arlene’s song “Nightmare” (also performed by Kat, including her own improv’d expletives) – then both singing the Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown mash-up medley they performed at Theatre Passe Muraille’s recent Songbook Series cabaret, with Kat doing an interpretive dance performance as Arlene performed vocals on the big “I Will Always Love You” finale. A great combo of music and comedy – irreverent, fun and passionate.

Sherry-Lynn Lee opened with a solo acoustic set, accompanying herself on guitar, moving us with a great range of pop, rock and soulful, melodious ballads – mixing her set of originals with covers “With or Without You” and “Someone Like You.” It was the first time I’ve heard her live – I’m looking forward to hearing more, and I took her music home on CD. Keep an ear out for this lady.

It had been a while since I saw Meghan Morrison performing with her full band – and I especially love the violin arrangements, which add a poetic, haunting quality to her songs. Opening with “This Song” – violin crying along with her voice, “the sound that my heart makes” – she moved into “Good People (Sideways),” a song inspired by an incident that occurred on the steps of the Gladstone Hotel a couple of years ago during Nuit Blanche. Showcasing Meghan’s great range – vocally, she’s been compared to Alanis Morissette, early Sarah McLachlan (circa Vox) and even Paula Cole – the band performed several songs from Meghan’s We Are All Born Naked CD, finishing with my fave “Hush,” which Meghan said she pretty much has to do every gig or else someone will be upset over the omission. Coming up: Meghan plays tomorrow night (Nov 13) at The Drake Hotel at 7:30 p.m. as a guest performer for the SUPERCELL screening by Tara Cooper – and look out for her monthly webcasts, featuring local indie music artists.

Another piece of trivia – and the jury is still out on whether this actually works or not. Apparently, eating a dollop of butter helps the voice when one is experiencing a dry cough. This remedy was thought up on the fly by Meghan and tried by Kat (who was dealing with a dry cough) – Kat says it works. Placebo or the real deal? Who knows.

After a brief break, the main event. Supertash (aka Tash Jolly) took over the stage with her band, treating us to three mini-sets, featuring tracks from the Before The World Ends CD and a an easy, soft acoustic guitar-driven solo set by Tash. This was one kick-ass, rawkin out at the end of the world experience. From the smokin’ hot, mysterious “Empty Hands,” which could easily be a James Bond movie theme song, to the unapologetic “No Coincidence” to the dreamy haze warning of “Blow Right Through You” and the soulful girl-power power ballad “Relief,” Supertash brought it.

It was a big fun evening of music and positive energy – and there were door prizes, where audience members submitted their superhero name and powers with their entry. Thanks to Tash for the awesome lightning bolt necklace – super hero powerful and Harry Potter magical! For a sneak peek at “Before The World Ends,” wrap your ears around these tracks on SoundCloud:

Kat Leonard & Arlene Paculan
Sherry-Lynn Lee
Meghan Morrison & band
Meghan Morrison
Supertash – Tash Jolly
Supertash band – Frank Bartoletti (guitar) & Ed Mortenson (drums)
Supertash band – Dave Carreiro (bass) & Christina Melanie (keys)
Supertash – Tash Jolly w Frank Bartoletti
Supertash & band

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8 thoughts on “Girl power rawkin out @ Supertash “Before The World Ends” CD launch

  1. You never cease to amaze me how active you are in blogging while making each one thoughtful and witty and engaging! And you post so fast!  I don’t always comment but I always read! Bloggergal is a total superpower! I love the Harry Potter and butter references! And I love how you always have the backstory for stuff, like Meghan’s song inspiration etc.  You always sound like you’re one with the crowd, and I effing love that b/c you always are!  Everyone sees you as a friend and loved one!!! Improv’d expletives… priceless!

    PS… Nightmare isn’t actually on Arlene’s EP. ;p


    Tweet me! @katbandoo


  2. Thanks for taking the time to come out to the show AND write this post!! 🙂
    My new website is and you can also download free music on
    I admire your consistency in blogging. I personally find it hard to keep posting on a regular basis. Keep it up!

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