Fond farewell to The Drowning Girls

Alumnae Theatre Company’s production of The Drowning Girls closed on Saturday night to another packed house at the end of an incredible run – and I was lucky to be able to see it one last time before our closing night celebration at Betty’s and the inevitable set strike the following day.

Bessie’s grave stone (written by actor Tennille Read)

I have to say, this was a sad strike for me. For some reason, I’m going to miss this set a lot. More paint under my fingernails today, but I don’t mind.

DG set strike 007
Set & lighting designer Ed Rosing surveys our progress
DG set strike 005
Centre tub – pre-strike
DG set strike 004
One last look at those beautiful birch trees
DG set strike 003
Stage left tub shower head with ivy snaking around it
DG set strike 002
DG set strike 008
The magic shower switch
DG set strike 009
Shower head detached
DG set strike 013
Love this window. Up centre of the stage, it was blacked out with a curtain for the show.
DG set strike 014
Lamps down awaiting transfer to the main stage for the Bravo Academy rental. They’re doing Into The Woods.

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4 thoughts on “Fond farewell to The Drowning Girls

  1. Thanks for the lovely pix. Always sad to see a set come down, isn’t it? Even worse to be the one dismantling – it feels so wrong to rip it apart! Theatre is so fleeting….

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