Truth in the liquor: In Vino Veritas returns

You know how you can say or feel stuff while under the influence of alcohol – sometimes even in the presence of total strangers – that you may not normally? Do you like poignant, insightful humour that holds up a mirror to humanity’s foibles, perhaps including a quote or two from some of our notable bards? Have I got the show for you!

Teige Reid as Rory

Pubcrawl Theatre’s production of In Vino Veritas – created and performed by Teige Reid – at the Fox & Fiddle Wellesley (27 Wellesley St. East, Toronto) on Friday, January 18. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for a 7:00 p.m. show – tickets $20. For reservations, give Teige a shout at:

And here’s what the audience is saying about In Vino Veritas:

“Sharp writing with depth, married with solid, engaging character work made for a polished, well-paced and consistently funny show.”  J.Orchard, Toronto

“The energy and conviction with which Teige portrays such a diverse group of characters is nothing short of phenomenal. Positively riveting!” Robert Dungan, Toronto

“A real ‘tour de force’ – Teige’s show has everything from absolute hilarity to pathos – it’s like 10 shows in one. I loved it and would highly recommend it.” Bernie Sherlock, Dublin

“Teige has a wide emotional range that easily draws you into the world of his characters.  He stirs up loads of laughter interspersed with moments of serious contemplation.  Strong writing and seamless execution definitely make this a show worth seeing.” Allan C., Toronto

“If you want to chase away the ‘January Blues,’ you can’t do better than go to Teige Reid’s really witty and hilarious show.” Margaret, Toronto

“Teige conjures up an amazing array of colourful characters and wonderfully witty – and ridiculous – stories to great comic effect!  He’s a master at engaging the audience and mining humour from unlikely places.  It’s not easy to come up with surprising punch lines – but Teige does, making for a really great evening out.” Andrea Romaldi

“The show is hilarious, and it doesn’t need alcohol!” Anneli P.

In Vino Veritas is a comic and tragic look at the barflies who inhabit every drinking establishment.  In the back room of a real bar, you’ll see characters tell their stories, fight a losing battle against the past, reveal eternal truths, and down a few rounds.” Bob from Oshawa

“It’s one thing to be very funny, and another to have a deep and sympathetic understanding of people. Both gifts are amply present in Teige Reid, and they make for a winning combination.” Paul Truster, Toronto

I saw an earlier version of the show back in March; here’s what I posted here on cowbell:

So. Would you volunteer to play “What’s in the Wellie”? 😉

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