Joygasm of sound – blueVenus CMW showcase @ Velvet Underground

Andrea de Boer’s band blueVenus gave us an incredible set at Velvet Underground as Canadian Music Week kicked off last night, moving the audience with their joygasmic fusion of jazz, blues, pop and Motown – with evocative lyrics, amazing musicianship and stellar vocals from de Boer. blueVenus includes de Boer on vocals and violin, Luke Roberts on guitar and back-up vocals, Mason Stoner on bass and Colin Kingsmore on drums.

From the title track of their CD Grin through “No Time To Waste,” this was an energetic, charismatic set – and de Boer beckoned us closer to the stage right off the top, creating a warm and intimate space for the sounds to live. And you cannot stand still while listening. Heads bopping, feet tapping, the audience was digging it. If you haven’t heard this band, do yourself a favour and check out the blueVenus website and YouTube channel.

Canadian Music Week is up and running all over T.O. until March 24, so get out there and support local talent.

blueVenus @ CMW 2013 009
blueVenus – Andrea de Boer
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 008
blue Venus – Andrea de Boer with bassist Mason Stoner in the background
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 006
blueVenus – Andrea de Boer, and a unique and cool way to play the violin – plucking it like a ukulele
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 005
blueVenus – Andrea de Boer on violin
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 004
blueVenus – Luke Roberts (guitar/back-up vocals), Colin Kingsmore (drums), Andrea de Boer (vocals/violin) & Mason Stoner (bass)
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 003
blueVenus – Luke Roberts & Andrea de Boer
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 002
blueVenus – Colin Kingsmore on drums & Mason Stoner on bass
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 001
blueVenus – Luke Roberts
blueVenus @ CMW 2013 010
You know you’ve made it when a woman asks you to sign her boob. Andrea signing Leo with a black Sharpie.

In the meantime, here are some pics from last night’s blueVenus gig. Enjoy!


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