Alumnae Theatre’s Big Ideas 2013 coming May 8 – 12

Alumnae Theatre Company’s annual Big Ideas festival of works in progress – organized and programmed by the company’s New Play Development (NPD) group – is coming up, running May 8 – 12 up in the studio. Big Ideas features readings of full-length plays, as well as scenes from plays, and this year’s line-up includes:

I AM MARGUERITE by Shirley Barrie, directed by Molly Thom

FORGIVENESS by Mairy Beam, directed by Victoria Shepherd

YOU HAVE TO EARN IT by Ramona Baillie, directed by Jane Carnwath

IN A TIME OF WAR by Anne MacMillan, directed by Marianne Fedunkiw

BROCKFEST by Joan Burrows, directed by Maria Popoff

WAITING FOR KATRINA by Donna Langevin, directed by Pat McCarthy

THE YEAR MY FATHER BECAME A SAINT by Linda McCready, directed by Brenda Darling

Admission is free. For more info, including synopses, times and dates (each play gets one reading), please visit the Alumnae Theatre NPD page.

p.s. – I’ll be performing in the reading of Forgiveness on Thursday, May 9 at 8 p.m. Rehearsals start tonight, and I’m looking forward to working with director Victoria Shepherd again (we worked on Celebrity together in New Ideas 2004 – written by Tina McCulloch, who is also in the cast of Forgiveness), as well as a great cast, all of whom I know (and previously worked with all but one) – and all the women in this cast were also in Alumnae’s production of Lady Windermere’s Fan in 2007.


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