Ribald, rustic taste of the wrath of love in Rarely Pure Theatre’s As You Like It

From the lobby of Storefront Theatre, you can hear the haunting, lyrical and hypnotic sounds of layered FX guitar music. Inside the theatre space, the minimalist set is woodsy, sparse, cold. Branches hang from the ceiling and short sticks of trees sprout from the floor, cradled in snow drifts at the base. Tree stumps, hay bales and driftwood add to the rustic atmosphere. This is the world of Rarely Pure Theatre’s production of William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, directed by Rosanna Saracino.

The extremely talented and raucous young cast digs into this charming, but chilly, pastoral comedy with gusto – the passion, love and hate have equal bite in this tale of betrayal, loss, love and redemption. Stand-outs include Christina Bryson as Rosalind (also assistant producer), who gives a lovely turn as the young woman who must disguise herself as a boy even as she grapples with the conflicting emotions of mourning for a father banished and revelling in the pangs of new love. Katie Ribout’s Cecilia is adorably sweet and loyal as Rosalind’s cousin/BFF, herself struggling with harsh circumstance of a father who’s usurped her uncle and subsequently banished Rosalind, forcing her to choose her friend over her father. Spenser Robson (also Co-Artistic Director and Producer) does a nice job of balancing Orlando’s passion and strength of conviction over his own family situation and his tongue-tied, lovelorn response to Rosalind. Benjamin Blais is roaring good fun as the bawdy, wise Fool Touchstone, and Michael Hogan is deliciously maudlin and philosophical as the anomie-filled, aimless courtier Jacques.

This is love, hard and chilly, but also tender and hot – much like Ganymed’s portrayal of Rosalind. All in all, a ribald and rustic taste of the wrath of love.

Take a look at the As You Like It trailer, featuring Christina Bryson, Katie Ribout and Ben Blais.

As You Like It continues its run at Storefront Theatre until January 26.


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