SummerWorks: New blood performs original piece in Transfusions

transfusionsWas back at the Scotiabank Studio Theatre at Pia Bouman to see the AMY Project’s production Transfusions in the SummerWorks fest, co-directed by Maya Rabinovich (who also directed Unintentionally Depressing Children’s Tales for SummerWorks) and Lisa Codrington, with assistant director Chiamaka Gloria Ugwu.

Transfusions is an original piece, the result of arts education workshopping and mentoring, featuring an ensemble cast of nine young women: Clover Fannin, Natalie Jules, Anna Laribi, Tiffiney Manios, Lia Reyes, Patricia Sailer, Andrea Villanueva, Sara Yacobi-Harris and Natalie Yiu.

Framed with the journey of a rookie red blood cell stepping up on its first day on the job, the piece examines the theme of blood from various angles: menstruation/passage into womanhood and the fight/flight response – via a stressful nightmare math test of negative inner voices and standing up to bullying – as well as mothers and heredity, passion, sickness, and sexuality and slut-shaming.

On its journey from the head to the heart to the groin, Transfusions is a kaleidoscope of music, movement, scenes and spoken word on the theme of blood with an engaging and energetic cast of young women.

You have one more chance to see it – tonight (Tues, Aug 12) at 6:00 p.m.


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