Shimmering trees dancing in Philip Cairns’ Colours of the City exhibit

Colours of the City best poster 2015Was very happy to be able to make it out to the final day of Philip Cairns’ Colours of the City exhibit at Arcadia Gallery on Sunday – and it was a great afternoon of art and chatting with Cairns, surrounded by colour and warmth on a chilly grey day.

An exhibit of mostly paintings (acrylic on paper), with a couple on wood and one colour pencil drawing, Colours of the City is a collection of mainly abstract expressionist works, some intense and using a darker palette, while others are more subtle and understated – all are organic, beautiful, and shimmering with gold and silver highlights.

Colours of the City features a number of renderings of trees which, while it seems an unlikely subject given the exhibit’s title, it reminds the viewer that Toronto is home to a large number and variety of green spaces. The dynamic composition and vibrant brush work bring these trees to life, at times appearing anthropomorphized – and, like the mysterious woman in the purple gown in the pencil drawing, even dancing.

Cairns has also included some lovely land/seascapes, inspired by the works of Rae Johnson. Here are some highlights from the Colours of the City exhibit:

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The show has finished, but you can view his paintings and drawings online via his various website pages. Keep an eye out for Cairns’ work in future exhibitions.


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