Luminous images of birds in Clara Blackwood’s Aviary exhibit

frosted owl
“Frosted Owl” from Clara Blackwood’s Aviary exhibit

Finally made it out to The Hermit’s Lamp this afternoon to see Clara Blackwood’s Aviary exhibit of paintings – and I’m so glad I did.

Largely executed in acrylic on canvas, the pieces presented in Aviary are images of birds, mostly owls. The paintings are at times haunting, playful and otherworldly – and all are luminous and vibrating with colour. The owls on Blackwood’s canvasses are majestic and unflinching in their wisdom, gazing with alert detachment. My favourite is “Frosted Owl.”

Aviary was originally scheduled to close today, but has been extended until December 31 – so ideal for holiday shopping or browsing on a crisp day. The Hermit’s Lamp is an easy-going, friendly space – located at 425 Vaughan Rd. (Vaughan and Arlington).

You can find artist/poet Clara Blackwood on Facebook.


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