Toronto Fringe: Channeling Diamond and Bowie to tame the beast in entertaining, uplifting Kneel! Diamond Dogs

Kneel Diamond Dogs splitThe music of two pop icons collides in mikeylikesit productions’ one-man music battle extravaganza Kneel! Diamond Dogs, starring Michael Posthumus and directed by Rosemary Doyle, and running during Toronto Fringe in the Tarragon Theatre Extraspace.

Damon MacHavoc (Michael Posthumus) is an emotionally troubled young man who can’t seem to leave the house. Haunted by dreams of a beast, he awakens to a voice – and that voice is Neil Diamond. And he becomes that voice. Things start to turn around for Damon. He gradually makes it out into the world, drawn to the local karaoke bar, where he feels compelled to sing and becomes a regular favourite. He moves out of his parents’ house, gets a job at a record store and meets the lovely Chloe. Then, without warning, another voice: David Bowie. Now home to two conflicting alter egos, Damon becomes the battle ground for the ultimate Yin vs. Yang, no holds barred sing-off battle for ultimate supremacy.

Posthumus gives a remarkable, high-energy performance, with bang-on impersonations – both vocally and physically – and even throws in a special surprise guest. Channeling both “Everyman turned up to 11” Diamond and the strange glitter chameleon Bowie, he gets every inflection, every rasp, every phrase just right.

And while one might debate as to whether Diamond jumped the shark with “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers,” we can all agree that music really does soothe the savage breast. I dare you to not sing along.

Channeling Diamond and Bowie to tame the beast in entertaining, uplifting Kneel! Diamond Dogs. See it now!

Kneel! Diamond Dogs continues at the Tarragon Extraspace until July 10. For ticket info and advance tickets/passes, check out the Fringe website.


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