cowbell blog: Changes to Toronto Fringe coverage

Hi all. Have some news before coming out my annual June hiatus next week—and before we head out for the long weekend.

As many of you know, life with more cowbell is a one-person, unpaid, part-time passion project; this means I support myself with a day job. My previous full-time position was phased out in May 2016; and I’ve been job searching, networking and freelancing ever since, as well as doing voice-over auditions since I signed on with VOX Talent in March.

I’ve been invited to a number of awesome Fringe shows this year. In previous years, I was able to take a week off to cover 20 shows. That’s not possible this year, as I’ll be starting a new job on Tuesday (yay! details to come). As a result, I’ve set up an abbreviated Fringe schedule for cowbell—covering fewer shows (I’ve booked 10) and writing shorter blog posts.

I want to thank all the Fringe productions that invited me to their shows. If I don’t get to your show, it’s not a reflection on your company or your play—it’s just that I wasn’t able to fit it in (I’ll also be covering the opening of Hogtown and a matinée of Billy Bishop Goes to War in mid-July). Even if I’m not able to see your show, I’ll do my best to shout it out on social media.

Have a great long weekend and happy Fringing! Please support local theatre and artists all year round.


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