Call for submissions: Nightwood Theatre’s Fempocalypse 2022

Image: Fempocalypse 2022 Neo-Stalgia logo, featuring the title “Fempocalypse 2022” in neon pixelated font and the word “Neo-Stalgia” in script font, with a linear globe image to the left of it and a cursor arrow to the right. Graphic design by Natércia Napoleão.

Hey, all—Nightwood Theatre has a call for submissions for this year’s Fempocalypse. Here’s the info, courtesy of the folks in this season’s Innovators Program—deadline is March 4, 2022:

Fempocalypse is an annual fundraiser produced by Nightwood Theatre’s Innovators Program. Traditionally held in honour of International Women’s Day, this year we are thrilled to also celebrate the International Transgender Day of Visibility, which will mark the launch of our event on March 31! All proceeds generated from this event will benefit Water First, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in Indigenous communities. You can help make an impact!

This year, Fempocalypse will be in the form of a streamed virtual fundraising event which will be available from March 31 – April 8, 2022. The event will include both a cabaret-style show and a virtual visual arts gallery featuring a variety of performers and artists, along with a silent auction. All proceeds of the event will be donated. The Fempocalypse: Neo-Staliga event will be circulated for one week for people to watch, engage with and donate to Water First.

We are looking for performing artists from across Turtle Island who want to engage with this year’s theme of Neo-stalgia: We invite you to think and rethink previous generations and how we can co-curate a new and caring community for future generations. We invite you to dream together with us by mixing past comfort with retrofuturistic ambitions. Works that invite us to pause and re-think the meaning of the past to create a new present and future. Or works that question what was missing in the past in hopes of building it into our future. Create with us a new nostalgia for what will or should come next.

We are interested in a range of disciplines that may include but are not limited to performance, singing, digital theatre, filmmaking, music, dance, poetry/spoken word, prose etc.  We recognize all forms of artist expression and invite artists across Turtle Island from all backgrounds to apply.

If you are interested please fill out this Google Form here. It will ask for your name, contact details, and a description of your piece (either written or audio/video will be accepted). If you are applying as a collective, please provide one main contact’s information on behalf of the group.

The submission deadline is March 4, 2022 Midnight EST. For questions please contact the Artist Liaison Committee at Please include in the subject line Performing Artists Attn: Your Name.

By submitting your work you are agreeing to: Voluntarily featuring your work virtually in a pre-recorded event for the weeklong charity event. We can link your website or social media account to spread the word about your amazing work.

This opportunity is not paid, we will strive to accommodate any production expenses but given this is a fundraiser there is limited funding available. The Nightwood Innovators will work hard to secure honorariums, but they are not guaranteed. In lieu of payment, we will feature your work during this event and link to your social media/websites.

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