My four ingredients

Image: A tabby cat sleeps, curled up on a pair of blue jeans draped over a chair. Photo by Eu_eugen on Pixabay.

Every Thursday, I read my weekly horoscope in Rob Breszny’s Freewill Astrology column on the NOW Magazine website. While I’m not a hard-core believer in the portents disclosed therein, I find them entertaining, and often insightful and inspiring.

The post for the week of June 30 was particularly cool, and inspired a self-awareness and writing challenge:

Gemini May 21 — Jun 20

Imagine you’re not a person, but a medley of four magical ingredients. What would they be? A Gemini baker named Jasmine says, “ripe persimmons, green hills after a rain, a sparkling new Viking Black Glass Oven and a prize-winning show horse.” A Gemini social worker named Amarantha says she would be made of “Florence and the Machine’s song Sky Full Of Song, a grove of birch trees, a blue cashmere knee-length sweater and three black cats sleeping in the sun.” A Gemini delivery driver named Altoona says, “freshly harvested cannabis buds, a bird-loving wetlands at twilight, Rebecca Solnit’s book Hope In The Darkness, and the Haleakalā shield volcano in Maui.” And now, Gemini, what about you? Identify your medley of four magical ingredients. The time is right to re-imagine the poetry of YOU.

  • Rob Breszny, Freewill Astrology in NOW Magazine, June 30, 2022.

Here’s what I came up with:

A pair of well-loved blue jeans; a purring, contented cat curled up on a warm lap; the shared laughter of chosen family; and two fingers of single malt scotch.

What are your four ingredients?


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