I’m still here

Image: A perspectival view of a wooden footbridge crossing over a ravine at dusk, leaves scattered along the sides of the walkway, and flanked by trees in fall foliage and the glow of vintage street lamps. A few people and their dogs pause in their walks at the other end. Photo by the blogger.

Hey and howdy, all!

Recently realized that it’s been a while since I posted here—July, yikes!

Been working, writing (for work), walking and keeping up-to-date on my COVID-19 boosters and flu shot. Managed to score a ticket for the closing matinee of Crow’s Theatre’s production of Uncle Vanya and loved it.

These days, my main focus has been spending as much time as I can, safely, with close friends and family. Otherwise, I’m on the lookout for shows at theatres that have mask mandates (or at least select performances with mask mandates) and PWYC tickets. Budget’s been a bit tight lately due to a slow/delayed freelance project schedule earlier this fall; plus cost of living increases on groceries and cat supplies (especially for a senior cat with health issues), and the extra vet bills. I swear, every time I go to buy cat litter, it’s more expensive.

Things have been percolating once again on the cowbell blog front, and I’m cooking something up for the New Year. A bit of a return to the blog’s roots. No, not reviews—but something that I think you’ll enjoy.

Till then, stay safe, have fun and go careful out there.


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Multidisciplinary storyteller. Out & proud. Torontonian. Likes playing with words. A lot.

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