So, where have I been?

Close-up of a row of cowbells (the kind actually used on cows) strapped along a wooden beam in a barn. Most of the bells are brass-coloured and two are silver. The straps are black leather, each decorated with multi-coloured stitching, and even fur, around the edges.
Photo by Hans on Pixabay

Well now, that’s a question. I previously mentioned that I was cooking up some new stuff for the cowbell blog in the new year. And just when I was sorting out what to do, something wonderful happened.

In mid-February, I started a new job: a part-time contract position (till mid-Aug) as a content writer for Young W.

What is Young W? Thanks for asking! It’s an online arts & letters resource hub and shop that wants to inspire you to put down your devices and step away from your screens, and get out to explore and engage your curiosity and creativity – and live a flourishing analog life. And, yes, we get the irony. You can read about the folks behind it, as well as the inspiration for its name here.

Young W includes directory (with more detailed and new listings to come) and event listings, as well as an online shop and blog to support your analog endeavours. This is where I come in. And I’m very grateful that it means I get to write about and share awesome artists and arts & letters organizations from all over the world, not just the GTA (though the GTA features prominently, as that’s where we’re based) – and get paid to do so!

In addition to my weekly work and time commitment to Young W, I’m also continuing to do freelance copy editing, as well as non-union voice-over work. I’ve been getting back to seeing live theatre too – and though I’m still not writing reviews, I continue to tweet about the shows I’ve seen. Sort of mini-reviews, I guess. And I’m being more mindful about my capacity for socializing and attending events, taking greater care to ensure that I get the downtime and solitude that introverts like myself need to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

So, while I may not be posting here as much as a result, you can check out my contributions at Young W. As I’ve been getting used to my new work schedule, I’ll be making a point of showing up here more often.

Stay tuned and have a great day!


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