By any other name

Went to the Indian restaurant near my office for some lunch-time take-out and, barely in the door, I heard the owner behind the counter shout: “Beef thali to go!” to his co-worker in the back. That’s how I’m known there – “Beef thali to go.”

At the Vietnamese place near my house, I”m known as “Number 95 to go.”

For Swiss Chalet and the Thai place near my office, I tend to mix it up – and at least one of the folks at the Thai place (Ivy) knows me by my first name.

At work, I’m “Proofreader.” At the theatre, I’m “bloggergal” or “scenic artist” – at least lately. Sometimes “actor” or “playwright.”

With family, I’m daughter, sister, aunt and Godmother.

And, I imagine I’ve been called things that I can’t publish here.

At various times in my life, I’ve also been girlfriend, lover, partner.

All of these things are me – to varying degrees. Facets. We all have ’em.

My mother also sometimes calls me “Diamond in the rough.”


Snow day

Wow – so how about that snowfall we had last night/this morning?

But, as much as it would have been nice to hunker down with the cat this morning, I was on a mission. And that mission was brunch. And, as those of you who know me know – neither sleet nor snow nor … how does the rest of that go? Anyway, you get the idea.

I left extra early, since I had to get the Queen car – and surface vehicle travel can get pretty dodgy in weather like this. Literally a few meters from Queen, I missed one. Then, as I waited at the stop light, I missed a second one. Crap!

Now, normally, I’d be standing in the bus shelter on a day like this fuming over my bad luck  – not to mention the nearly half-hour wait for the next streetcar. But today there were some pretty cool fellow travellers to pass the time with: a young woman on her way to work the retail store at the Mill Street Brew pub, a young dude from Texas (but with no drawl) who was thrilled to see snow and another young woman who works at a new restaurant on King.

Conversation turned from the weather and snow – and how much more snow we used to get back in the day (and I know the folks in Ottawa, Winnipeg and even Barrie would laugh at us for even mentioning today’s snowfall) – to beer. As a method Canadians use to keep cool in the summer – especially icky sticky summers in T.O. Of course, alcohol dehydrates, so you need to drink more beer. We also talked about the fab selection of beers at Mill Street brewery. I especially like the pumpkin beer, which (alas) is a seasonal concoction and very popular, so it sells out fast.

And when the streetcar finally arrived, we went our separate ways once onboard – but we had a thoroughly enjoyable time while we waited. And so a potentially crap moment became a fun time.

And the brunch too was lovely. Catching up with a good friend over eggs and coffee.

Can’t have a much better snow day than that.

p.s. – I’ll be updating the About page today, as I realized that in my haste and excitement to get this blog up and running yesterday, I left out some stuff.