Languishing but not totally broken

A stone cemetery monument featuring a relief sculpture of a mourning woman with long flowing hair, her head bent in sorrow as she leans over an urn. Photo taken by the blogger, at St. James Cemetery, Toronto, ON. Hello! It’s been a while, I know. So much going on, collectively and personally. And, frankly, myContinue reading “Languishing but not totally broken”

Art @ home

As we gradually begin to emerge from “stay at home” to a world of increased contact with others—including mask wearing and physical distancing—we may have come to know and appreciate our own surroundings with renewed hearts and minds. While waiting for the green light to safely visit a museum or attend a performance event, manyContinue reading “Art @ home”

Pamela Williams’ photography brings us In the Midst of Angels

I visited another stunning art exhibit last night: photographer Pamela Williams’ In the Midst of Angels at Sunderland Hall (First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto at 175 St. Clair Ave. W. – St. Clair W./Avenue Rd.). I first became aware of Pamela’s’ work years ago in a newspaper piece – possibly NOW Magazine – about herContinue reading “Pamela Williams’ photography brings us In the Midst of Angels”

Cool photo exhibits & artists around T.O. right now

As I’ve been out and about seeing lots of theatre, music and spoken word lately, I must remember to not forget the other media I love: film, photography and visual arts. Here are just a couple of photography/visual arts exhibits you can check out in Toronto: Photographer Pamela Williams and animator/artist Patrick Jenkins feature theirContinue reading “Cool photo exhibits & artists around T.O. right now”