Friday night love-in

Back to “real life” after the fun and frolicks of a long weekend.

Friday night was especially enjoyable – and definitely the busiest part of the weekend. It could be summed up thusly: love in the dark with strangers. Twice.

No, I was not hanging out at Wicked. Right after work, I went down to the AMC at Yonge/Dundas to see Crazy, Stupid Love. It was crazy, stupid awesome. Stellar cast headed up by Julianne Moore,  Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, with Marissa Tomei and Kevin Bacon, and fine young actors Jonah Bobo and Analeigh Tipton. Hilariously funny and sweetly touching look at variations on the love story: marriage on the rocks, new relationship and teenage crush. This is not a chick flick – so those of you who can’t do those have nothing to worry about. Go see this movie already. You won’t be sorry.

Right after that, and a quick trip to the bank machine, I headed up to the Toronto Arts Centre to meet Kat Leonard and her pal (and now mine) Lizzie for the Best of Fringe 2011 to see Love, Virtually (by Chloe Whitehorn, directed by David Owen). So now you can see where this is going – have I not mentioned that I’m a sucker for romance? A modern look at relationships that makes me wonder if online dating is now the way most people meet. But beyond that, the play looks at loss and the struggle to let go – all with a live, original soundtrack composed and performed by the lovely and talented Cat Ratusny. A nice, easy coffee house atmosphere, and a lovely ensemble cast: Bunmi Adeoye, Krista Barzso, Michael Donnelly, Alan Norman, Nick Stojanovic, Joshua Wiles and Eve Wylden. Another great combo of funny and poignant. You have one more chance to see this if you haven’t already: tonight at 7 p.m. Check out the Love, Virtually website for more details and info:

Friday night finished with a visit to Wise Guys on the Danforth to see Kat’s friend Ann-Marie B. Zammit, the front gal for The Stone Poets. And Kat wasn’t kidding – Ann-Marie’s vocals are very Janis Joplin. Great rockin’ blues tunes. Check out the band’s website for info and upcoming dates:

I also saw Cowboys and Aliens on the weekend. I can’t believe this mash-up hasn’t been made before. Big extraterrestrial fun and action in the old west – and you gotta love a cast that features Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde.

One last thing before I sign off: I learned this weekend that, in addition to the Alumnae pals I previously mentioned in the Lysistrata – the sex strike cast, is Carolyn Hall (who appeared in Alum’s production of Pride and Prejudice). That continues its run this week Wed – Sat at Philosopher’s Walk, weather permitting:

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2 thoughts on “Friday night love-in

  1. Am looking forward to Friday!!!! And yeah for new friends! xoxoxoxo

    /ps am glad you liked Cowboys and Aliens, I haven’t seen it yet and am a HUGE Harrison Ford fan. Mucho happy it was good!


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