Obsessive love & other pastimes

I’m ba-ack.  Hope the weekend was as enjoyable for y’all as it was for me.

On Friday night, I had the great pleasure of seeing two of the four shows featured in the Love and Obsession Theatre Festival at Red Sandcastle Theatre: Festival producer/playwright/actor June Morrow’s The One and Kat Leonard’s A Depper Kind of Love.

The One (directed by Pat McCarthy, and featuring actors Sean Ballantyne, Jason Davie and Tony Culverwell on film/PPT and June Morrow as the only live actor) is about the search for finding your ultimate soul mate – the one who completes you. June’s multi-media combo of PowerPoint, film and live narration takes us on a journey with Jane Love, a struggling actor/writer looking for love and a good review of her Fringe play. I particularly loved how she started Jane’s story with the myth of how humans came to this search for their other half. Originally, we were two people in one, attached at the back – in Jane’s example, a man and a woman – and things were pretty darn nifty for a while until Zeus became jealous of how awesome these creatures were. Rendering them asunder with a bolt of lightning, Zeus sentenced humans to roam the earth in search of their other half, the one who would complete them (not an easy task as no one knew what the other looked like, what with having been joined at the back and all). Jane goes on to struggle with feelings for two men: her “nice guy” doctor fiance Charlie and sexy “bad boy” actor/Fringe star Julian. In the end, she finds love through imagination and compromise – and comes to realize that maybe there’s not just one “one.” And I like to think she’s right.

Kat Leonard’s obsessive fan girl opus to Johnny Depp – A Depper Kind of Love, which was produced at the Toronto Fringe Festival this past summer, directed by Christopher Sawchyn, with technical direction/photography by Rod Pizzaro – has a new ending in this run of the show. In fact, the progression of the show has a darker edge to it this time around – and with some very effective results. And more real in a way too. The song “Hope for Dopes” was cut and the ending appears onscreen (Kat also uses media, projecting images and music videos) – and towards the end, you’re not quite sure if she’s going to lose her mind or possibly go postal. A totally different feel from the Fringe show, but really powerful – and it works!

Both shows used variations of the Jerry Maguire line “You complete me” – in Kat’s case, it became “I complete you.” And I still love “I’d lick him off a dirty sidewalk” (also from A Depper Kind of Love).

After Kat’s show, a bunch of us went to the Rob Roy for pints and nachos. The weekend continued to be pretty much about friends and food after that, with a fabulous Saturday night dinner party at my friend Liz’s and Sunday brunch at the Sunset Grill with my pal Polly, which was followed by a successful hunt for a new laptop (I’m picking it up this afternoon after leaving it with the Future Shop folks for set-up). 

So – who would you lick off a dirty sidewalk?

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