Rough & raging times on Lost Girl

SPOILER ALERT: Warning – spoilers throughout if you haven’t seen the last two episodes of Lost Girl: “Original Skin” and “Raging Fae.”

Now that I’ve done my due diligence… Man! What a raging, ass-beating episode that was on Sunday night. And I’m not just talking about the illegal Fae fight club.

But first, check out this great interview by Televixen with Zoie Palmer (Dr. Lauren Lewis), posted just before the recent ep. (it makes reference to “Original Skin”):  Thanks, Televixen and Zoie for this! It’s always cool to hear actors talk about their experience playing an ongoing character in a series – and a particular pleasure to hear from the LG folks. I’ve seen the whole gang in various interviews posted on YouTube and they seem like a fun, tight group – passionate and articulate about their work on the show. 

We didn’t see much of Bo and Lauren together in “Raging Fae,” but what we did see was significant, especially the scene after Bo gets her ass kicked – and kicked bad – while undercover at said fight club, when Dyson takes her to his place so Lauren can tend to her injuries. Bo’s past has caught up with her in this episode (she accidentally killed her high school boyfriend during a sexual encounter, and his sister has been hunting Bo down – and found her). She is so full of self-loathing about being Fae that she refuses to feed in order to heal herself. And Lauren is struggling with her drive to save her girlfriend Nadia while having feelings for Bo. Thanks to 2011HappyHappy for editing these scenes for YouTube:

That scene is so tender and heartbreaking – and so truthfully acted. You really root for these characters – even in this crazy, complicated relationship they’ve got going. Who knows where this is going to go – and there could be even more serious heartbreak ahead. Nicely done Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer!

DEPARTMENT of CORRECTIONS: I realized this morning that I neglected to include the names of the directors for The One and A Depper Kind of Love, as well as the onscreen actors in The One, in yesterday’s post on the Love and Obsession Theatre Festival. That info has since been added to that post. My apologies for the omission.

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