It was quiet – too quiet – in regularly scheduled t.v. land

Being the holiday season and all, t.v. land is relatively quiet these days – with the regular schedule, that is, there’s tons of holiday stuff on – with most shows on break till the new year or so. No more the olde thyme fall to spring season anymore. Now, we have “fall season finales” and a single full season of a program is broken into fall and spring broadcasts – presumably so the so-called “mid-season” shows can have a chance to find their legs. Or whatever. I leave it to beloved t.v. pundits like the Globe & Mail’s John Doyle to figure this stuff out. Frankly, it makes my head hurt.

Lost Girl SPOILER ALERT. Sunday’s episode “Masks” brought some closure on some issues – and opened up a whole new can-of-worms on others. Mainly, Bo spent her birthday travelling to the Congo and Madagascar in order to remove the cursing nail and save Lauren’s girlfriend-in-a-coma Nadia. Her trips were successful – and not without peril. The Ash-hole was being ever so pleasant and helpful, with info on who the shaman was and setting up travel arrangements and all – while, meanwhile, he was playing both Bo and Lauren the entire time. Seems the new Ash has decided to take a page from the old Ash’s play book and trick Lauren into serving him. Yep, it was the old Ash who arranged for Nadia’s curse – essentially buying Lauren in the process – and the new Ash has now bought Lauren for a newly committed servitude by breaking Nadia’s curse. Of course, Lauren has no idea it was Bo who did all the work and Bo is under the impression that the quest to remove the nail had to be done selflessly, so she couldn’t tell Lauren about it. And did I mention it was Bo’s birthday?!

So, in the end, everyone is having a grand old time at the surprise party Kenzi organized – everyone but Bo, that is. Kenzi has been reunited with a childhood flame who came to audition to be the band at the party, Ciara and Dyson are moving in together, Lauren has Nadia back and everyone seems to be giving Bo weapons for her birthday – except for Kenzi, who gives her a lovely book of illustrations (which I think her hunky pal drew). Oh yeah, and a mysterious man who no one knows brings Bo a gold bracelet. Any guesses who that’s from? I’m putting my money on Mommy dearest. And the Ash is all smug up in his compound, with Lauren now his servant doctor forever and Bo owing him a favour for his “help” with the Nadia situation. You can’t help but wonder that he knows exactly what approaching evil is afoot – and he’ll be calling on Bo to do all the heavy lifting. Again. This time, I was yelling at my t.v. for Lauren to stop pledging her allegiance to the Ash. Don’t do it! Not “forever,” Lauren!

As always, some really nice work from our girls Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Zoie Palmer. This coming Sunday is the fall finale (but not the season 2 finale). And I’m so happy the show will be getting a third season. To catch up on Lost Girl, check out their page on the Showcase site:

Being Erica had its season finale last night (and was this not also the series finale in a way too?) – and Erica makes the difficult transition to Dr. Erica. A really nice bookend to the very first episode, when Erica meets Dr. Tom and embarks on her journey with him, travelling through time and working out her life’s biggest regrets, discovering herself all the while. Lovely performances from Erin Karpluk and Michael Riley, whose performances I’ve enjoyed so much through the four seasons of this show. To catch up on Erica, check out the show’s spot on the CBC site:

Now, I guess I should check out the holiday specials scheduling. I love me some How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas Carol (the Alistar Sim version, in black and white only, please), A Christmas Story and the various animated stuff that’s been running for years during the holiday season. Saw A Charlie Brown Christmas last week – always a good time. Glee appears to have a special holiday episode on tonight.

Got any favourite holiday shows?


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