Holiday festivities continue – in real life & on t.v.

Holiday festivities are gathering steam as we close in on the middle of December. Middle of December?! How the heck did we get here?

Anyway, festivity-wise there was a vegan Yule dinner party at my pal Lizzie Violet’s on Saturday and, although I’m somewhat of a carnivore, that was a damn good spread. There were also some really cool folks at that party. Here’s Lizzie, about to kill the tofurkeys (photo courtesy of Lizzie – her friend Mel took this pic). This photo is on my desktop at work, along with the Dali melting clock that Kat Leonard gave me.

Tonight, it’s my office party, so I’m dressed in upscale casual today and sporting my new Liz Kain cufflinks (the ones with To Thine Own Self Be True on them that I ordered at The Moose Show and got in the mail early last week). This coming Saturday, it’s a potluck at my pals Siobhán and Teige’s place; this means I have an apple crumble in my future – and my kitchen will be filled with the awesome aroma of cinnamon.

As for t.v. festivities, I watched the Glee and NCIS: Los Angeles Xmas episodes last night. Stand-outs from Glee were Mercedes’ opening number All I Want for Christmas is You; Kurt and Blaine in the 60s black and white Christmas special homage; and Sue Sylvester showing she really does have a heart under that track suit, organizing the gang to help out with Christmas dinner at the local soup kitchen. As for NCIS: LA, my fave moments involved Nell: her webcam visit with her folks (and accompanying mortification when Eric’s name comes up – and how she talks about him all the time) and the cool 9mm sugar cookies she bakes (in the microwave, which she tweaked) for the gang’s holiday gathering.

Other than that, counting down the days till the holiday break. And more friends, family, food, fun and frolics.

So, what are y’all up to this holiday season?


Author: life with more cowbell

Arts/culture social bloggerfly & Elwood P. Dowd disciple. Likes playing with words. A lot. Toronto

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