Four amazingly talented women sing in support of Female Eye Film Festival

Now that was a late school night, chickens. After a big, long, late day and less than five hours’ sleep, mama’s feeling tuckered out this morning.

But there was no way I could feel tired at the Female Eye Film Festival fundraiser at Cherry Cola’s last night – that place was so pumped full of positive vibes and incredible sounds, not to mention lovely and talented ladies, I couldn’t feel anything but energized and inspired.

Heather Hill

Heather Hill opened the night with a scaled down band (Mike Freedman on guitar & Russ Boswell on bass), giving the folks a nice sampling of tunes from her recently released Leuty Station CD – including a few of my personal faves: “Last Train,” “Leuty Station” and “Second Chance.” These songs have the same power and emotional impact performed by a three-piece band as they do with the full complement Hill had with her at the launch – and that’s largely due to Hill’s stage presence and vocal chops, not to mention the two great musicians she had up there with her. Check her out here:

Meredith Shaw

Meredith Shaw belted out some bluesy original pop tunes, bringing it with some sexy vocals, accompanied by guitar and bass (and you gotta love a female bass player who rocks the upright!). Loved the little lights Shaw had strung up on the mic stand – they added a fun, festive glow to her set. Like she said: “It’s Christmas ‘cuz we say so.” You can find Shaw here:

Amanda Davids

Amanda Davids took us to the church of soul with her sexy smooth, funkified R&B sound that made you wanna dance. Here’s where she’s at:


Last up of this already incredible program of talented female music artists was Patrizia. I wanna say Debbie Harry meets Maria Callas meets Celine Dion here ‘cuz – from Carmen to Queen – this lady belts out some seriously powerful rock/pop-infused classical and classical-infused rock/pop that you can feel vibrating in your chest. Patrizia’s co-ordinates are:

A great evening of music and support for the Female Eye Film Festival – and shouts to the Female Eye organizers and the folks at Cherry Cola’s for this great fundraising event. The Female Eye Film Festival runs June 20-24 – for more info, please visit their website:

Heather Hill & Angela Saini
Heather’s awesome boots

Just for fun, here are a couple of more pics – Heather Hill and Angela Saini (who came to give her support) and, just ‘cuz they’re so awesome, a close-up of Heather’s boots.


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