Ottawa – Doors Open @ Château Laurier

Doors Open Ottawa was in full swing when Les and I ventured out after Sunday brunch – and we decided to visit the magnificent Château Laurier (, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, complete with cake and costumed folks wandering about the lobby.

Grand Trunk Railway (which became part of the Canadian National Railway in 1923) president Charles Melville Hays commissioned the Château Laurier, with a vision toward having a chain of luxurious and majestic hotels all along the rail route. The grand opening was delayed when Hays, on his way back to Canada for the event, perished aboard the Titanic.

Château Laurier Ottawa – exterior

For more info, check out what our friends at Wikipedia have to say:

Here are some pics Les and I took during our tour. More Ottawa adventures to come soon.

Château Laurier Ottawa – lobby
Château Laurier Ottawa – 100th birthday cake
Château Laurier Ottawa – main floor hallway
Château Laurier Ottawa – lion head at the end of hallway
Château Laurier Ottawa – pool (lights are new but copper heat lamps – not shown – are original)

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