How I first learned about sex

When I was about seven, I asked my mum where babies came from. Mum having been a nurse and all, plus me being the oldest of four kids, I knew we came out of her belly (and even had the opportunity to listen in with her stethoscope when she was pregnant with my sibs) – plus, duh, that baby bump is pretty hard to miss, especially on a woman as tiny as my mum. But I wanted to know how the heck they got in there. During our initial chat, she gave me this whole spiel about the flower which, while very interesting from a botanical perspective – and even quite poetic and lyrical – was confusing as all hell.

For about a year, I thought I was a Chrysanthemum. So I went back and asked her how all that flower stuff worked with people – only to be shocked and appalled at what people did to make babies. He puts what where?!

Here’s the book she used – complete with illustrated diagrams – good for a laugh, especially when my British friend Cecilia reads it aloud: The Story of Life by Ellis W. Whiting.


Author: life with more cowbell

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6 thoughts on “How I first learned about sex”

  1. “If we understand how flowers bring their babies into the world, we shall have a pretty good idea how baby animals, and other living things are born.” Well, er, not actually.

  2. “After they have lived together for while and loved each other a great deal, they just naturally begin to wish for a sweet little baby to share their love.” OMIGOD I FORGOT TO HAVE CHILDREN!

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