More Toronto Fringe plays on my list & the Shinsedai Cinema Festival is coming!

Okay – so much happening, so I’ll be brief.

Toronto Fringe had its official opening late yesterday afternoon and by the time I got to the box office around 5 p.m., the place was buzzing with postering and post carding and a short line-up for tix. Props to the Fringe volunteers, especially those who were out working in that stinkin’ heat yesterday – and the box office staff, who exhibited grace under pressure while sorting out their printer issues. I now have my 10-play pass to the Fringe.

On my way in, I bumped into Kat Leonard’s husband Rod Pizarro, who’s an amazing photographer. He’s up for taking production pics, so give him a look at:   You can contact Rod at or at 416-825-3167.

The Princess of Porn – The Musical

And while I was waiting in the box office line, I bumped into Andrea Brown (a theatre pal I met during Lady Windermere’s Fan at Alumnae Theatre, along with her husband Pat) – and she’s doing a show The Princess of Porn: The Musical. Seriously, she had me at “porn,” then she had to go tell me that this was yet another show where she’d be appearing in her undergarments. For info:  And check out this link for pics: (Andrea is the lovely lady in the baby blue dress in the photo I’ve included here.)

Other shows that have come to my attention: Mum and the Big C (at Randolph Theatre) and Ways to Kill Ethyl (at Factory Theatre Main Space).

Shout out to the folks at Theatromania, who are covering the Fringe fest – check out their great interviews with Fringe production folks here:

Also, I wanted to remind folks – especially those of you who are fans of Japanese cinema – that the Shinsedai Cinema Festival is coming, opening a week from today, running July 12-15. Check out the scoop on this festival here:


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4 thoughts on “More Toronto Fringe plays on my list & the Shinsedai Cinema Festival is coming!”

  1. I saw both “Mum & The Big C” and “Princess of Porn” last night – they were conveniently scheduled one after the other in the same venue. “Mum” is a wise-cracking comedy with a great cast: Janet Laine-Green as the mother with breast cancer, standup comic Elvira Kurt as her unlucky-in-love lesbian daughter, and Megan Fahlenbock (adorable in the film “The Baby Formula” a couple of years ago) as the mother’s doctor. The “she-said-this” segments (you’ll see what I mean) were hysterical!
    I couldn’t get over how much the Fairy Godmother in “Princess of Porn” looked like singer Adele. And then she spoke in a[n apparently genuine] Scottish accent! Lovely voices and characterizations from the whole cast, and I was especially charmed by the mostly-mute (except when she sang) Fluffer, whose expressions were priceless; and by the fabulously diva-ish Queen of Babble.

  2. Ah, yes. That troublesome making-a-living thing really gets in the way of having fun, doesn’t it? 🙂 See you Saturday at “Life in the Raw” – tonight at 10:30 is our opening. Rick posted on Facebook that he just hopes to “not trip over the furniture in the dark.”!

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