A few thoughts on t.v.

What with all the music and theatre events lately, I realize – and have already mentioned – I’ve gotten woefully behind not only on my movie-going, and also on mentioning what I’ve been digging on the small screen at home.

Was reminded about my love of the small screen when I came across this YouTube vid this morning. It combines two things I love – the t.v. series Downton Abbey (and the relationship between two of my favourite characters) and the song from the movie Once “Falling Slowly”:

So – t.v. lately. Been loving Continuum a lot, especially Rachel Nichols’ work as Kiera – strong, honourable and loyal, but also vulnerable and emotionally torn. It’s a great action-packed, time-travelling, techie wet dream of a show – and a real trip to follow.

Saving Hope (which just got word of renewal for a second season) is a great, quirky, spiritual show – loving the hospital procedural/supernatural combo here (as I did with A Gifted Man, which I miss) – excellent ensemble cast (with some familiar faces from Lost Girl, like K.C. Collins and Salvatore Antonio, as well as Michelle Nolan, who appeared on Republic of Doyle and Murdoch Mysteries), and some interesting and thought-provoking moral, ethical and existential questions arise.

Speaking of Murdoch Mysteries, been catching up on season five – still airing on CityTV before crossing over to CBC, which is shooting the upcoming season now. Loving the feisty new M.E. (Dr. Emily Grace, played by Georgina Reilly, who also appears on The L.A. Complex) and the emerging relationship with Constable George Crabtree (played by the adorably boyish and charming Jonny Harris) – we now have two lovely and amazing female doctors on this show (Hélène Joy plays Dr. Julia Ogden). And y’all know how I love my lovely and amazing female doctor characters. 😉

Caught a couple of episodes of The L.A. Complex – I like it! Funny, edgy and sexy – it’s a comedy/drama cautionary tale of peeps trying to make it and/or stay afloat in the entertainment industry. Need to try to catch up on that as the summer continues.

Fun, sexy – and even quirky – drama Rookie Blue came back for its second season, with our group of rookie cops all grown up from being baby rookies to toddler rookies, and we watch their lives, loves and struggles while keeping the peace. Another excellent ensemble cast and some great cinematography of the Toronto location.

What have you been digging on the small screen this summer?

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