“The Drowning Girls”: opening night & after

Here’s more scoop on The Drowning Girls opening night from Alumnae Theatre’s bloggergal Tina McCulloch.

The Alumnae Theatre Company's Blog

Saturday night (Nov 17) was the opening of The Drowning Girls, and as you read in the re-blogged post from Life With More Cowbell, the show was a thing of beauty.

One of the great things about being involved in a production is the chance to watch it grow and change, because you get to see it several times.   Producer Andy Fraser had commented to me that she had noticed such a difference between rehearsals just a few days apart.  She even mentioned that I should look out for a particular moment:  when Alice (Jennifer Neales) and Bessie (Tennille Read) are portraying Scotland Yard policemen who’ve cornered the killer George Joseph Smith (portrayed by Margaret – actor Emily Opal Smith – no relation!) as he’s come to collect the insurance money   on his final victim.  They shine their flashlights on him, and Emily’s profile appears…

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