This is very cool. Check out Patrick’s other flip books and animated films on his site.

Patrick Jenkins Animation

“Play Ball!” was one of my most popular flip books.

In this flipbook a Baseball game comes to life before your eyes.

This is a 12 page excerpt from my flipbook “Play Ball!” which is 96 pages long. I created this flipbook in 1988. Sports are ideal subjects for flipbooks as they combine both fast action and a dramatic story. I always like to play with perspective in a flipbook. In this case the baseball zooms right towards and away from you so that you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

If you’ve every been up at bat in a baseball game, you’ll know this view, as the baseball comes hurtling at you.

Of all the sports, baseball seems to have the most art done about it (poetry, paintings, movies, flip books).

I sold out the entire run of this flip book. Maybe some…

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