Now that all that papal conclave drama is over, check out Alumnae blogger (and playwright/actor) Tina McCulloch’s NIF Week One recap, including the Saturday reading of Falling.

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Week One of the 25th anniversary New Ideas Festival wrapped on Sunday (March 10).  Barely had the audience cleared out of the Studio after the Sunday matinee, when the Week Two groups started arriving for the tech times.   The Festival is very efficiently scheduled by Artistic Directors Pat McCarthy and Carolyn Zapf.  Ladies, I salute you!

So, Week One.   Because I had a play in this week, I saw all 6 performances.  Go ahead, call me a geek.  It’s theatre – I like to see how it grows and changes.   And one play sure did:  Shirley Barrie’s Revelation.  It was a retrospective remount from 2001, and for the first three performances, all went smoothly.  The New Orleans-style funeral music made me smile every time, as did the thunder crash that greeted actor Steven Burley’s exclamation of “I’ll be damned!”.  Then actor Patricia Hawk was unable…

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