Big fun sexy party times @ Bella Fox’s Burlesque Birthday Bash!

WARNING: This blog post contains adult content and images.

Last night was some big fun, sexy times with burlesque and music (aka “boobies and tunes”) at Bella Fox’s Burlesque Birthday Bash: Dirty Thirty Dance Party at Lee’s Palace.

The extravaganza of sights and sounds kicked off with Pavlov’s Dogs Handbell Ensemble (who also appeared at the Theatre Passe Muraille Michael Jackson Songbook Series event), from traditional to contemporary, including their Songbook Series rendition of “Beat It” and “Under Pressure” – highlighting tunes from the 80s in honour of the decade in which our birthday girl hostess was born.

Nerd Girl Burlesque got the hot dancing times going, performing a sexy Spice Girls tribute number. The British invasion continued on stage with The Cocksure Lads – well, half of them anyway. Think Moxy Früvous meets The Beatles – fun, kicky, 60s-inspired Brit pop, right down to the classic Paul McCartney bass (except played right-handed) and acoustic guitar painted with the British flag – and these boys are working on a movie too. If you have a case of the dropsies, this band is the cure.

The lads were joined by burlesque performers during their set, seguing into more sexy fun times with red hot ladies with tassels on their nipples – from devils to super heroes – plus one hot dude. Lucky Fremont the Downtown Experience lit up the stage with a sexy Hydro worker number.

In between set-ups, Bella drew numbers for the treasure trove of raffle prizes on hand, adding a special contest to see who could guess how many drinks she’d had, and went on to introduce the final act of the evening: kick-ass, wise-cracking punk rockers High Heels Lo Fi (Cynthia Gould on guitar, Mandy Wells on bass and Doug Lea on drums). Check out their YouTube channel. From original tunes to covers – these guys rocked it, joined onstage by a variety of burlesque performers in a mash-up set that put the boobs in drunk rock. Fox joined the band doing a sexy fur-clad (but only at first) dance to a cover of “Hungry Like the Wolf.” The band also had their own go-go girl ensemble – the Hi Lo Go-Go dancers – and the evening’s big finale featured a packed stage of the evening’s entire talent roster, all dancing and singing to High Heels Lo Fi original “Big Dumb Rockstar.”

No doubt about it – that Bella Fox sure knows how to through a birthday party. Big shouts to the two bands, and guest burlesque performers Ginger Rigby, Nerd Girl Burlesque (Delicia Pastiche, Ruby Pixel, Loretta Jean & Kenickie Street), Lucky Freemont the Downtown Experience and our hostess with the mostess, goddess of the raffle tickets Bella Fox.

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for burlesque shows around the city. You won’t be sorry.

Pavlov’s Dogs Handbell Ensemble
The Nerd Girls Burlesque ensemble heats up the stage with a sexy Spice Girls number.
Half of The Cocksure Lads cure us of the dropsies
Ginger Rigby – pretty in pink. Pretty sexah, that is!
Sexy Hydro man Lucky Fremont the Downtown Experience works that tool belt.
Our birthday girl hostess with the mostess Bella Fox, with one of the many birthday beverages she consumed throughout the evening.
L’il Devil Loretta Jean sports some awesome ink in addition to her, well, other fine assets.
High Heels Lo Fi drummer Doug Lea rockin the bunny ears.
The Hi Lo Go-Go dancers.
High Heels Lo Fi bass player Mandy Wells.
Nerd Girls Burlesque performer Delicia Pastiche – fighting for truth, justice and the sexy burlesque way.
High Heels Lo Fi guitar player/front gal Cynthia Gould.
Birthday girl Bella Fox with one of the Hi Lo Go-Go gals during the finale.

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