“The Killdeer” Talkback, Sunday Apr 21

You still have a few more chances to catch Alumnae Theatre’s production of James Reaney’s The Killdeer – its main stage run closes Sat, April 27.

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After the matinee last Sunday, the audience was invited to stay, and make comments or ask questions of The Killdeerdirector, designers and cast – and about half the audience stuck around to do so.

Producer Lynne Patterson had everyone introduce themselves – in addition  to the actors, onstage were director Barbara Larose; assistant director Ellen Green; sound designer Rick Jones; and sitting in the audience, set designer Marysia Bucholc and props designers Tess Hendaoui and Deborah Roed.  Here is what I transcribed  of the Q and A.  Unless otherwise specified, the responses are from director Barbara Larose.

Q:  The play is written in blank verse?

A:  Yes, and it was also one of the first plays to be performed in Toronto with the local accent and colloquialisms.

Q:  Would like to compliment the cast on their physical language – the way Eli and Harry in…

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