The power of the voice – In A World…

I was very excited to see In A World yesterday – and I’m here to tell ya, this movie is worth every ounce of praise it gets and then some.

What initially attracted me was that the film is set in the world of the voice-over industry, which I have some familiarity with from my days as an aspiring professional actor, territory not generally covered in movies. Highly entertaining, In A World… provides a satirical peek into the highly competitive industry from the point of view a struggling female vocal coach/voice actor. The holy grail of movie-trailers is an old boy’s club and Carol’s (Lake Bell) dad Sam (Fred Melamed) is the reigning king, looking to pass the crown to Gustav (Ken Marino). According to Sam, “the industry does not crave a female sound” and Carol should stick to dialect and coaching. On a human level, the movie is about relationships – family and spousal tensions, and admiration from afar – and navigating those connections.

In A World… is sharply funny, full of heart and has you rooting for the underdog. Writer/director/actor Lake Bell is brilliant – adorably playful, hilarious and extremely gifted with dialect, giving Carol a lovely balance of chutzpah, irreverence, vulnerability and compassion. Featuring an outstanding supporting cast, this movie is a joy and an inspiration to watch.

Vocal talent is treated with respect – the movie gives honourable mention to late voice-over legend Don LaFontaine, famous for the “In a world…” movie-trailers – but the egos and sexism are given the send-up they deserve. Voice plays a major role in how we are perceived both personally and professionally. In A World… goes beyond the industry satire and struggling underdog story to a larger call to action – especially to women – to find your true voice and use it.



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