Noir ‘teased our lips like raspberries’

Duncan Armstrong shares his thoughts on Sunday night’s LVCN, including some upcoming dates for poetry/spoken word events towards the end of the post. I picked up a copy of Andrea Thompson’s spoken word CD “One” – thought-provoking, playful, sexy wordsmithing and delivery, and the accompanying music tracks complement the work really nicely.


Cabaret Noir kicked off its residency at its new location The Central with a take-no-prisoner’s line up that shows Lizzie Violet means business. As much as I like The Central, enjoy the great food & service I don’t understand why they insist on playing the house music so loud one has to shout to carry on a conversation – the louder people talked the louder the music became. At least one member of the audience put in ear plugs till the show started.

But that didn’t keep me from enjoying first feature Andrea Thompson who gave us what she called an ‘estrogen set.’ ‘Speaking in tongues of her own making’ she gave a juicy set of uplifting, self-affirming work that used ‘word possibilities that teased our lips like raspberries.’ Clever, funny, deeply emotional. Who hasn’t dealt with ‘guys with ex-girlfriends who still do their laundry.’

Frenchie Fatale, who graced…

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