Toronto Fringe: Big wacky fun look at life, love & motherhood in Parallel Play

parallel_play23Caught some seriously funny sketch comedy goodness at Toronto Fringe yesterday – comic revue Parallel Play, written and performed by actors/stand-up comics Elvira Kurt and Megan Fahlenbock, and directed by Linda Kash – on now at the Tarragon Extra Space.

Kurt and Fahlenbock (who Fringe folks may remember from Mum and the Big C a couple of years ago), have created a hilariously frank and true-to-life look at the life of women, told through a series of comic scenes and one very funny song (written by Kash).

Highlights for me include the two grandmothers accompanying their grandchildren plus nannies to the playground; Kurt, the eastern European immigrant, and Fahlenbock, the duck-faced with lip collagen Rosedale matron, find common ground despite their cultural differences. Kurt totally nailed the dyke in the bathroom rant, as did Fahlenbock with the final word. And I really loved the brain (Kurt) and heart (Fahlenbock) scenes, book-ending the show nicely and highlighting life’s moments throughout.

With shouts to Lindsay Jenkins’ minimalist, but extremely effective, design.

Parallel Play is a big wacky fun look at birth, life, love, relationships and motherhood – played out by two very funny gals.

The show runs at the Tarragon Extra Space until July 13 – check here for exact dates/times.



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