Toronto Fringe NSTF: Big fun with a phonebook in Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook

Graham-Clark-Reads-the-Phonebook-e1414680352647-250x222Confession: In theory, I’m not really into theatre pieces about people sitting around doing inane everyday things. But the title Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook caught my attention – and the fact that the show is based in stand-up comedy sealed the deal for me.

So I went to see Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook at the Next Stage Theatre Festival up in the Factory Theatre Antechamber last night.

In 30 minutes, Graham Clark takes us through a brief history of how the piece came to be and how he acquired the phonebook he uses in the show, gives us some phonebook trivia, and goes on to share personal anecdotes and ruminations – and engages the audience in some easy-going participation. Weird stuff about the phonebook that you never really thought about before. And in between LOLs, you’re going “Huh.”

Added bonus: The pre-show soundtrack includes some head-boppin’, toe-tappin’ telephone-themed tunes from the likes of Lady Gaga, as well as oldies like “Mr. Telephone Man.”

Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook is the most fun you’ll ever have with a dude and a phonebook.

Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook runs until Sun, Jan 18 – and includes a talkback after the Sun, Jan 11 show at The Hoxton. Seating in the Antechamber is limited, so best to book online or get to the box office early.


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