Book blurb for fun: They Don’t Run Red Trains Anymore

Image: The cover of Heidi Von Palleske’s They Don’t Run Red Trains Anymore. A painting of a woman in an evening gown, who appears to be clawing her own eyes out, a trickle of blood streaming down her right cheek. Ancient architecture in the background, with light and shadow playing across the interior space. Painting by John Nobrega.

I was delighted to win a copy of actor/writer/activist Heidi von Palleske’s novel They Don’t Run Red Trains Anymore (Smart House Books) as a virtual door prize during a recent Zoom reading event featuring von Palleske and Heather Babcock, hosted by Queen Books. Thanks to the folks at Queen Books for the book! Here’s my blurb:

Heidi von Palleske conjures up images of love and desire, inspiration and frustration, life and death in her evocative, intimate and intriguing novel They Don’t Run Red Trains Anymore.

Set in 1980s Toronto, sculptor Alex navigates life after art school as she tries to make a name for herself—and leave a legacy—as an artist, paying the bills with a day job carving headstones alongside friend/former classmate Jack. Her life driven by intense artistic focus, beauty and passion, Alex yearns for the approval of mentor/former teacher and gallery owner Boris, who believes the only relevant art is that which is overtly political; and fascination turns to obsession when she meets model Premika, who longs for immortality—and becomes Alex’s muse and the inspiration for her most important project to date. All of the senses are aroused in this erotic and philosophical journey of life and art.


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