Little free libraries

I love seeing little free libraries in various neighbourhoods across the city. They provide a great, environmentally friendly opportunity to freecycle books you no longer want/need and maybe even discover some literary gems to take home. And when book shops and libraries were closed during lockdowns, they were an especially great resource—especially for those struggling financially, both during the pandemic and in general.

Some of these mini-library structures are built quite simply, and others are works of art. And, best of all, you can search for/find them in Google Maps. Here are some snaps I’ve taken of some little free libraries I’ve come across , including one that also has a community pantry built next to it.

Slideshow images: A series of little library images; most have front door panels with glass windows. One resembles an old schoolhouse, with a bell tower on top. One has artificial grass on top. One has been adorned with wooden frame and decorative embellishments. One has shingles on the roof and a tree of life on the side. One has wooden shingles and an open front. One is decorated with an abstract evergreen tree, made from wood; it has a little community pantry beside it, painted in various colours that are separated by diagonal white lines. One looks like a cottage from a fairy tale, a crest-like design above the door.


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