Labyrinth: A Surrealistic Detective Story

Be sure to check out Patrick’s website – this work is quite remarkable, in both technique and storytelling.

Patrick Jenkins Animation

“Labyrinth” (2008) is one of the films included on my compilation DVD “Animation Noir: Films By Patrick Jenkins”. I’ll be posting ordering information on my website soon. All the films on this dvd are done using paint on glass animation.

This 8.5 minute film noir movie was a real turning point for me in my work. The synopsis of the film is: “After being given an enigmatic locket to protect, a detective encounters strange phenomena and beings from the afterlife in this surrealistic film noir story”.

As with my most recent film “Sorceress” I developed the storyboard from a series of drawings but the roots of this project go back to 1990 when I was trying to write a cyberpunk inspired short story called “Hardboiled” about a detective who’s a robot.

I did drawing to illustrate the story, and although I never finished the story I kept the drawings. Around 2003…

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