“February” Talkback, Sunday Sept 23

Wasn’t able to make it to the talkback on Sunday – check out what Alumnae marketing/promo director Tina McCulloch had to say about the Q&A with playwright Lisa Moore, director Michelle Alexander, and the cast and creative team. Includes some great production pix too!

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The Sept 23 Sunday matinee performance of February was followed by a well-attended Talkback session, for which the cast was joined onstage by director Michelle Alexander and first-time playwright Lisa Moore.  Producer TabithaKeast (whose bio in the program notes that she is also “producing a small child whose title is still TBA”) fielded audience questions, and asked a few that people likely wanted to, but were too shy to ask.

The script which was performed is slightly different from the one originally submitted to Alumnae Theatre.  It has developed significantly since a workshop in Newfoundland last year.  For example, Lisa told the audience that it was Michelle’s idea to include a wonderful speech for the character of Cal, about the wave that sinks the Ocean Ranger oil rig and drowns him and all the other men on board.

Tabitha asked Lisa about the differences between the first read-through…

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