You Go To My Damned Head

Missed TB&TD last night due to the Big Ideas reading I was performing in. Here’s Duncan Armstrong’s take on the evening of poetry, spoken word and music…


Hosted by the glittering Philip Cairns, the Damned’s May show was a veritable celebration of Toronto’s queer theatre history with open stage appearances by David Bateman & David Roche & features by Peter Lynch & Sky Gilbert.

First feature Peter Lynch did two performance pieces: ‘The School For Hopeful Wankers’ – about an acting coach introducing her method of ‘acting is about immediate honesty’ where one would have to align ‘with their formerly disembodied pelvis.’ Comic, scary and insightful by turns it was a smart portrait of acting teacher as drill sergeant. His second piece was an excerpt from his video ‘The Narcoleptic Sex Slave’ now on YouTube.

Next feature was Edward Nixon. He did a strong set of new work that resulted from a recent workshop on the works of Charles Olsen. He uses precisely placed words where none are wasted to create swift, pointed images. Too…

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