Toronto Fringe: A smart, funny & thoughtful look at our attachment to social media in Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me

gavin_crawford_friend_like_me-web-250x250It was a day of solo shows at Toronto Fringe yesterday, starting with Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me, written by Crawford and Kyle Tingley, and directed by Tingley – running at the Annex Theatre.

YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. Cellphones. We sure are attached to our social media platforms and mobile devices – often emotionally so.

A master of voice disguise and dialect, his face morphing as he changes character, Crawford is a hilariously funny and engaging storyteller. From the annoying, know-it-all arts critic to the hipster upspeak Shakespeare recitation to the straight guy in the bar just trying to sort it all out, Crawford serves up some astute observations about the ever evolving nature of language and the methods we use to communicate – all with a large helping of LOL. And the t-shirt he wears for this performance is purrfect! (You’ll have to go see it for yourself – ‘cuz I ain’t no spoiler.)

Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me is a smart, funny and thoughtful look at our attachment to devices and social media – and how we relate to each other.

Gavin Crawford: “Friend” “Like” #Me runs at the Annex Theatre until July 9; see the show’s Fringe page for dates/times. The house was packed last night, so advance booking strongly recommended. In the meantime, give Gavin Crawford a follow on the Twitter.


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