Toronto Fringe: Complex dynamic of love, hate, friendship, art & success in Pool (No Water)

pool_no_water_-web-250x250Cue 6 Productions has been getting some well-deserved buzz for its Toronto Fringe production of Mark Ravenhill’s Pool (No Water), directed by Jill Harper – running at the Tarragon Theatre mainspace.

A group of young bohemian artists is torn apart by illness and distance – physical and emotional – and previously unspoken, private feelings of envy, rage and betrayal come to the forefront in the words and actions of the group. Sarah has made it big on the west coast and reconnects with the group for the funeral of one of their fallen comrades. She offers an invitation to fly out for a visit and to lounge around her pool, which the gang accepts. A freak accident during their visit sets off a chain of events that challenges their concept of art and morality – with life-changing consequences for all.

An excellent ensemble in this intense and darkly funny tale of art, friendship and success. Each cast member adds a specific flavour to this group of artist friends: Chy Ryan Spain is splash and energy, with claws; Sarah Illitovitch-Goldman is cerebral, dark and sardonic; Daniel Roberts is an anxious and uncertain, but gleeful participant; and Allison Price (also featured in People Suck) brings edgy comedy and comic rage. And the fifth unseen character Sarah, who we only really know through second-hand accounts from the group, is entitled, successful and selectively generous. The group vacillates between love and hate for her – a hive mind thinking and acting as one, so much so that each can’t tell who was the instigator.

Featuring some beautiful, emotive and ethereal group movement choreography by Patricia Allison.

It’s a complex dynamic of love, hate, friendship, and art and success in Cue 6 Productions’ remarkable Pool (No Water).

Pool (No Water) continues at the Tarragon mainspace until July 11; you have a few more chances to catch it – see the full schedule here. Book ahead for this one or take your chances on a sold out house.


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